Jessica Alba, 18, and her friend Jessica, 16Claremont, California 

those bathers though
She lives her life like a flame; a dance of purposeful chaos… Her enchanting light can guide you and quell your fears… She’s hot; warming those who respect her and burning those who don’t… She is a flame with an unforgettable glow… A weak man will try to dim her luminance… but her soul mate will take pleasure in fanning the blaze. - Steve Maraboli 

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I’ve always loved the idea of not being what people expect me to be.

- Dita Von Teese

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Maybe when we die, the first thing we’ll say is, ‘I know this feeling. I was here before.’ - Don DeLillo, White Noise 

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  • People with a poor sense of smell have fewer relationships because the sense of smell is used to detect the compatibility of a partner. Without that, it’s hard for them to determine a compatible partner. - (via psych-facts)
    Learn to be quiet just as you learn to talk, because if talking guides you, being quiet protects you. By being quiet, you attain two characteristics: you are able to take knowledge from those more knowledgeable than you and you are able to repel the ignorance of those more ignorant than you. - Imam Ali  (via nyu-tah)

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